Peace from Anxiety Session 3 - Relationships, Boundaries, and Communication

Anxiety impacts us and is rooted in many layers of our being:  it is physical, psychological, relational and existential. In Part Three of this series of informational and experiential workshops for school and the general mental health workforce, Hala Khouri, author, facilitator, and practitioner, offers a physiological and socio-political framework for anxiety and trauma to support behavioral health providers. Throughout the series, Hala shares tools and practices to transform our stress and anxiety and build capacity and resilience.


“New Year, New Approaches to Anxiety” Learning Series addresses and explores:  

  • Building a culture at work (and home) that values wellbeing

  • Having tools to manage and release stress and anxiety

  • Feeling less overwhelmed and more grounded and inspired

  • Cultivating relationships that are healthy and connected

  • Engaging with the world in a way that reflects your values

  • Building capacity for self and collective care and resilience

  • Finding joy amidst the chaos


In this video recording of Session 3 - Relationships, Boundaries, and Communication, the goals are:


  • Understand the difference between codependency and healthy attachment 

  • Learn about the role of transference and countertransference in your work 

  • Co-regulation as the foundation of effective communication 

  • Mirroring and active listening as tools for healthy communication 

September 12, 2022
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