Planning for School Crises During School Crisis

Original Webinar Date: 04/29/2020

No crisis response is perfect. Crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic we are in, will reveal gaps in crisis preparedness. While it can be hard to reflect on our preparedness while we are focused on responding to the crisis at hand, this session will create space to learn and adapt.

During this presentation, Dr. Stephen Brock guides us through key school crisis preparedness actions. He provides an overview of the third edition of PREPaRE, a curriculum that contains current research and strategies for integrated school safety and crisis prevention, planning, response, and recovery efforts. He also discusses how to adjust school crisis response plans to accommodate the reality of a global pandemic. Yesmina Luchsinger shares her crisis planning and response lessons learned as a state leader, including the development and dissemination process of the Pandemic Preparedness Guide the state released in March 2020.

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