School MH Best Practices 'Always and Now' Learning Series Module 6: Early Intervention and Treatment (Tiers 2 and 3)

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About the Learning Session:

The MHTTC Network is hosting an 8-part training series using the National School Mental Health Best Practices: Implementation Guidance Modules for States, Districts, and Schools. This resource was developed by the MHTTC Network in partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH) and aims to help states, districts and schools advance comprehensive school mental health and engage in a planning process for implementation.

Module 6: Early Intervention and Treatment (Tiers 2 and 3) reviews the importance of early intervention and treatment services and supports for students with mild distress, functional impairment, or at risk.

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To learn more about the National School Mental Health Best Practices: Implementation Guidance Modules and gain access to the COMPLETE resource, click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 2021, the MHTTC Network and National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH) changed the title of the National School Mental Health Curriculum: Guidance and Best Practices for States, Districts, and Schools to the new title 'National School Mental Health Best Practices: Implementation Guidance Modules for States, Districts, and Schools.'

Session Panelists:

Dana Cunningham, Ph.D.

Dr. Cunningham is a Faculty Consultant at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry. In her role with the National Center for School Mental Health, Dr. Cunningham has served as the Director of the Prince George's School Mental Health Initiative (PGSMHI) since 2006. The PGSMHI is designed to provide intensive school-based counseling and support services to students in special education in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Dr. Cunningham has extensive experience providing direct clinical service in urban school districts and often provides training, technical assistance, and consultation to local and State-level education and mental health agencies. Dr. Cunningham’s clinical and research interests include trauma, resilience, children of incarcerated parents, and empirically supported treatment for Black youth.

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Angela Castellanos, PPSC, LCSW is an experienced mental health consultant and administrator with 25+ years of diverse and progressive expertise in the mental health care industry and school settings. As a licensed clinical social worker, she specializes in administering school mental health programs, mentoring industry professionals (local, state, and federal), developing and teaching best practices in the area of Trauma, Suicide Prevention, Crisis Response and Recovery and School Mental Health. Angela serves as a School Mental Health Training Specialist for the Pacific Northwest MHTTC.

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Dr. Mindy Chadwell, PhD, LP, BCBA is an Assistant Professor, Licensed Psychologist, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst in the Psychology Department at Munroe Meyer Institute at UNMC, where she also serves as the school mental health coordinator specializing in establishing successful school mental health partnerships. Dr. Chadwell provides services and training in comprehensive school-based mental health and evidence-based interventions to masters level trainees, predoctoral interns, and postdoctoral fellows. She is also a faculty trainer for the Mid-America MHTTC.

May 7, 2021
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