SMART Center 2023 Virtual Speaker Series Recordings & Materials Resource Document


The UW SMART Center Speaker Series brought esteemed scholars virtually to elevate our understanding of issues related to school mental health and critical topics in education.

This year's speaker series on Equity-Centered MTSS and Implications for School Mental Health was a success, leaving participants inspired and eager for more. The event showcased a diverse range of experts, engaging discussions, and practical insights into implementing equitable MTSS in educational settings.

"More of it! This presentation was FANTASTIC!!!"

"Loved the whole series of Equitable MTSS. Would love more next year!"

"I liked how it was thoughtful and balanced, not only supporting students but also supporting staff in doing important work. I liked the emphasis on collecting data to inform decisions and cultural wisdom or sensitivity."

"Thank you for this. I am in my studies to be a school counselor and this has given perspective!"

"Great reminders to utilize data through an equity lens, and to remember that behind the data is a student"


The school mental health supplement to the Northwest MHTTC co-sponsored the UW SMART Center's 2023 Virtual Speaker Series.

  • Full Series details can be accessed here.

  • Learn more about the UW SMART Center here.


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