Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools: Understanding the school experiences of LGBTQ+ students (Part 1)

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools

This webinar provided an overview of the school experiences of LGBTQ+ secondary school students. GLSEN’s Senior Manager of Youth Programs, a.t. furuya, provided basic terminology on LGBTQ+ youth, such as the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation. GLSEN Research Institute Senior Research Associate, Nhan Truong, provided an overview of research on LGBTQ+ students’ school experiences nationally and in the Southeast, including hostile school climate indicators and LGBTQ+ related supportive school resources. LGBTQ+ youth from GLSEN’s National School Council spoke about their school experiences and the challenges they face. a.t. discussed how LGBTQ+ youth experiences help inform the work of GLSEN’s Education Youth Programs.


March 15, 2021
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