The Community Resiliency Model (CRM) as a Self-Care Practice to Reduce Burnout and Promote Resiliency in Schools (May 2024)

The Community Resiliency Model (CRM) is a skill-based wellness and prevention program that provides a biological, non-stigmatizing perspective on normal human reactions to stress and trauma. In this webinar we will apply CRM to schools by teaching skills for educators, administrators, and the school mental health workforce to reduce burnout and promote staff retention. Attendees will gain knowledge of concepts to understand stress responses in themselves and others as well as learn skills to help regain emotional balance after experiencing strong negative emotions. The knowledge and skills gained will help attendees avoid burn-out and promote cultures of resiliency in schools to better support student mental health.


Learning objectives:

1. Describe how stress and trauma affect mental and physical health.

2. Describe how CRM can protect and heal via sensory-motor awareness.

3. Explain the 6 CRM skills.

4. Understand how CRM can help reduce burnout and promote resiliency.

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