Youth & Young Adults Now: Vision, Voice, and Ventures! Summer 2023 Issue

Our Center has a special focus on supporting youth and young adults (YYA) of transition age. The transition to adulthood is an important time in young people’s lives—a time for new independence, new challenges, and new opportunities for growth. It’s also a crucial time to support young people who are living with mental health challenges, who are involved in youth-serving systems, or who are at increased chance of developing mental health needs. 

When we amplify YYA voice, choice, and leadership, we create space for them to thrive. 

The Pacific Southwest MHTTC team spent summer months (of 2023) rounding up the last of our events and completing a special compilation of products to conclude our (fifth) project year, which ended on September 29, 2023. Check out our center's Summer 2023 edition for highlights of learnings, glimmers of hope from the YYA series, and so much more.

November 15, 2023
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