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Check out these podcast series from the MHTTC Network. 


Burnout Busters | Mid-America MHTTC 

Well-being is likely a familiar concept to most health care providers, but misunderstood or underutilized ​when applying it to themselves. Burnout Busters, a podcast produced by the Mid-America MHTTC, will help health care workers make sense of the wealth of well-being research and apply these tried-and-true practices to their own lives ​and organizations. Well-versed in well-being, Drs. Jordan Thayer and Hannah West will help providers identify their values, begin their mindfulness journey, and engage in activities that reinforce the principles of well-being. ​They will also discuss how health care organizations can prioritize and support well-being in the workplace. Join us for ​practical tips​ ​and strategies, guest experts, and more. Bookmark the web page here and listen below. 

Changing the Conversation: Recovery and Resilience Podcast Series| New England MHTTC 

Developed by the New England MHTTC, this series discusses critical and timely topics focused on equity, homelessness, substance use, mental health, and trauma. The hosts interview health and human service experts, researchers, and advocates. Conversations explore how we can adapt our systems to the rapidly changing landscape of social services. Bookmark the webpage here and listen below. 

Cultural and Linguistic Competency Podcasts | South Southwest MHTTC 

The ABC's of CLC with Shannon Moreno, the Cultural and Linguistic Competence Specialist for Texas System of Care and SSW-MHTTC, defined and explained foundational terminology and concepts of cultural and linguistic competence that served as the catalyst to a series of podcasts that build upon the information presented and further discuss cultural competence in working with specific populations. View more information and listen by clicking here

Essential Conversations in Social Services 2020: A Region 7 Podcast | Mid-America MHTTC and Mid-America ATTC

Essential Conversations in Social Services 2020 features subject matter experts who discuss timely topics and share tips designed to help the behavioral health and substance use disorder workforce in Region 7. The podcast is co-hosted by the Mid-America MHTTC and ATTC. 

In the August 28, 2020 episode, The Importance of Housing & Employment, Mid-America MHTTC Program Coordinator and Serious Mental Illness Program Director Bill Baerentzen, PhD, contributed insights on permanent supportive housing. Dr. Baerentzen and co-guest Suzanne Watson from Southwest Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services share stories illustrating the power of social factors in people's mental health and recovery and how funding mechanisms have shifted during COVID-19. Dr. Baerentzen and Watson also make planning recommendations for behavioral health providers in the midst of the pandemic.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or on one of the platforms listed here.

Recovery-Oriented Practice Webinar Series with Patricia E. Deegan, PhD. Session 3: The Journey to Use Meds Optimally to Support Recovery | Northwest MHTTC

Everyone can support the foundational principles of recovery: choice, self-determination and the importance of relationships. However, translating these principles into real world practice can be difficult.  Examples include:

  • What if a person is making a choice that is self-defeating or even dangerous?

  • What about professional boundaries and social media?

  • What if a person isn't taking their medications as prescribed?

In this webinar series, Patricia E. Deegan, PhD, will offer proven frameworks and tools for navigating risk, managing professional boundaries and engaging with people around psychiatric medications. Drawing on her own lived experience of recovery after being diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager, as well as over 30 years developing recovery-oriented practices, Pat will emphasize practical approaches to supporting folks in their recovery. Peer specialists, direct service staff, clinicians and psychiatric care providers are welcome and will find the information helpful.  Each session will have opportunity for Q&A.

You can listen to the first recorded webinar down below. 

Talking Farm Stress Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic | Mountain Plains MHTTC

In this interview with Joel Heitkamp of KGFO Radio in Fargo, Dr. Andy McLean, Chair of Psychiatry and Dr. Maridee Shogren, Clinical Associate Professor (University of North Dakota) discussed the unique stress that farmers are under with the COVID-19 pandemic, tariffs, and a tough planting season. In the podcast, they share what the University of North Dakota is doing to support individuals struggling with mental health issues in these times. Dr. McLean and Dr. Shogren developed a farm stress and mental health guide to help provide support for those farmers who may be struggling with both a mental illness and substance misuse.

We Make The Path By Walking | Northwest MHTTC

We Make The Path By Walking is an eight-part webinar series designed to help us reckon with our turbulent world, offering support and direction for a clearer path forward.

Sessions bring focus and connection, opening opportunities for personal exploration, insight and the discovery of new ways to navigate life with resilience and hope.

Psychotherapeutic modalities drawn from East Asian medicine equips participants with self-nurturance skills such as meditation and breathing practices, voice-work and body awareness techniques for day to day well-being and sharing with others.

View more information and listen here


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