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Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care


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To improve access to care and build the workforce of behavioral health professionals, the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) support programs that train behavioral health students and practitioners to partner with primary care medical practices. This approach involves the creation of integrated “medical homes” where patients’ physical and mental health needs can be addressed in a single site. The integration of behavioral health has been shown to produce improved access to care, higher levels of patient satisfaction, increased cost efficiency, and reductions in stigma that have traditionally been associated with seeking behavioral health care.



Training Opportunities

The Mid-America Mental Health Technology Transfer Center partners with state mental health authorities, universities, and provider organizations in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska to train behavioral health providers in integrated care. This approach increases access to BH services for patients and families with behavioral concerns. Technical assistance is available and addresses the unique needs and strengths of medical practices and surrounding communities. On-site consultation can be provided for program implementation and sustainability of integrated care practice.

Training and program implementation services can be attained through face to face sessions, distance learning, and/or online to improve the knowledge base and competencies of the behavioral health workforce. Ultimately, the mission of the MHTTC is to increase access to BH care, to develop the behavioral health workforce, and improve quality of BH services.


Integrated Care Training Topics

The Mid-America MHTTC provides training to supplement education offered in traditional behavioral
health graduate programs. Specific areas addressed in the MHTTC Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH)
training program cover topics including:

  • Establishing Integrated Behavioral Health Care

  • Medication Management

  • Brief Therapy Protocols

  • IBH Screening Tools

  • Business Management in IBH

  • Disorders of Childhood

  • Co-Occurring BH and Medical Conditions

  • Adolescent Disorders

  • Tx of Habit Disorders

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Behavioral Tx of Anxiety

  • Behavioral Tx of Disorders


Mid-America MHTTC Integrated Care Resources

  • On-site consultation to prepare primary care practices for IBH
  • Technical assistance on business applications in IBH
  • Staff training on competencies in IBH (in-person and online)
  • Data collection procedures for assessing program success
  • Preparation of organizational supports for sustainability


How can we help with behavioral health integration?

  • For medical practices and/or providers interested in Integrated Behavioral Health, our Mid-America MHTTC provides technical assistance on starting up and implementing IBH programs.
  • For medical practices currently involved with IBH practices, the MHTTC offers training and consultation. Continuing education units are available for most training, but vary by state requirements.
  • For graduate students interested in careers in IBH, the MHTTC can help arrange internships and has a jobs website.


Other areas of emphasis offered by the Mid-America MHTTC include:

  • School Mental Health
  • Severe Mental Illness
  • Behavioral Health Workforce Development
  • Agency/Provider-initiated training topics


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