Great Lakes School-Based Mental Health

The Great Lakes School Mental Health Supplement provides training and resources to school-based mental health professionals

in HHS Region 5: IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, and WI. 

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School-based Mental Health Featured Content

The purpose of this toolkit is to supply school-based mental health providers with resources to support students, parents, caregivers, and school personnel who continue to experience anxiety, grief, and/or mental fatigue as a result of the trauma and disruptions caused by COVID-19, as well as from the evolving societal changes that persist in the wake of the pandemic. 

Additional resources compiled by the Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network can be found on the Responding to COVID-19 School Mental Health website. Resources include best practices, trauma-informed care, telehealth tools, professional self-care, and much more.

Download the School-based Provider COVID-19 Mental Health Toolkit.

Featured Reading

In Their Own Words: Teens' Tips for Partnering with Youth

In furthering our efforts to meet people where they are and foster healthy practices in adolescents and youth, the Great Lakes MHTTC and Wisconsin PATCH (Providers and Teens Communicating for Health) asked teens to describe the best ways adults can partner with youth and what motivates young people to get involved with organizations like PATCH. 

Featured Webinar Series 

School-Based Mental Health Screening – Parts 1, 2, & 3

In this 3-part series, participants will learn how to implement school universal mental health screening, with attention to readiness, follow-up, and sustainability. Recordings, along with materials to support planning and tool selection, timely follow-up, and data management are available on our website. Check it out!

Featured Resource

The Educator Self-Care Resource Guide

This guide offers evidence-based multimedia resources focusing on the self-care and well-being of educators, especially in relation to workforce shortages and widespread professional burnout. Download this helpful guide created by our valued partners at ASPIN

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