School Mental Health

Photo of children in a classroom


  • A national priority, designated funds allocated via a $500,000 supplemental MHTTC grant
  • 20% of children/youth have a need for mental health services but only one-third receive help
  • Over 75% of mental health disorders begin in childhood
  • Training and technical assistance focuses on implementation of comprehensive school mental health programming for school personnel,  community practitioners, administrators, and state leaders


Training and Consultation


  • Training for personnel from school districts or individual schools
  • Needs and resource assessments
  • Training on implementation of programming
  • Prevention and Intervention
  • Financing and sustaining programming
  • Training for community providers contracted to provide school services
  • Educational law
  • Family, School, & Community Partnerships
  • Coaching/consultation services


Current Initiatives


  • National School Mental Health Learning Collaborative in partnership with MHTTC National Coordinating Office
  • Regional School Mental Health Learning Community in partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health
  • Technical assistance for Millard Public Schools in NE related to implementation of multi-tiered school mental health programming
  • Technical assistance for Kansas Behavioral Health Services related to youth mental health promotion/suicide prevention