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Self & Collective Care for Healthy Workplaces
Collaborating TTC: Pacific Southwest MHTTC
May 21, 2020

Original Webinar Date: 05/19/2020

This webinar was hosted by our partner, California Primary Care Association (CPCA), and facilitated by Leora Wolf-Prusan, the School Mental Health Lead at the Pacific Southwest MHTTC.

Health center staff are constantly asked to prioritize the patients’ need, sometimes resulting in overwhelming feelings of stress, compassion fatigue, and burn-out. In order to fully show up for those they serve, professionals need structural policy supports and practice changes that balances self and collective wellbeing.

This archived webinar explores how we can create and maintain health care work cultures - now and always - where staff are resourced and ready to care for patients. Presenters discuss frameworks for why supporting health care professionals through practice and policy changes is critical to preventing burn-out, secondary stress, and compassion fatigue.



  • Identify methods to assess areas of strength and areas of growth in support for health care professionals’ sustainability.
  • Identify strategies to apply self and collective care through both practices and structural policies.
  • Understand how self and collective care intersects with trauma-informed and resilience oriented workplace and culture.