Communicating About School Mental Health - A Graphic Toolkit

SMH Comm

Making Sense of School Mental Health: A New Graphic Tool on the Role of Teachers provides recommendations on how to translate complex concepts about children’s mental health and school mental health into visual aides to enhance understanding. In this session, we provide a new graphic tool designed to help you communicate with teachers about their role and the role of other adults on campus in supporting school mental health. We review the access to and implementation of the graphic tool by sharing a full suite of support tools, including:

SMH Graphic Tool – Role of Teachers in SMH

  • Long-form: this is a 14-page visual guide that illustrates a Teachers role in school mental health, and the interconnectedness of adults and spaces on campus in supporting student wellness. | Link to tool
  • Short-form: this is a 1 page abbreviation of the visual guide to be used in conjunction with long form overview | Link to tool
  • PPT template of long-form: this may be adapted/customized for your PPT presentation of the tool or into a short PPT-based video with or without custom audio added | Link to tool
  • Design Guide: this style guide is a reference document to support your use and customization of the graphic tool | Link to tool
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