2024 Speaker Series Presents: Fostering Belonging in Staff Recruitment and Retention | Recording


This event is part of the UW SMART Center's 2024 Virtual Speaker Series. Learn more and register for upcoming events in the series here. 

Fostering Belonging in Staff Recruitment and Retention


This session will provide participants with the opportunity to describe the concept of belonging in education. Belonging is the "north star" along the journey of equitable and inclusionary practices. While most of the focus on belonging in education has been on students, a necessary component is staff belonging.


  • Participants will describe their current understanding of the need for recruiting and retaining educational mental health professionals who represent the communities they serve.
  • Participants will engage in developing an understanding of the concept of belonging in education, particularly as it relates to staff belonging.
  • Participants will contextualize provided strategies to enhance their recruitment and retention efforts. 


Presentation Materials


About the Presenter:

nikole hollins-sims 2024Nikole Y. Hollins-Sims, Ed.D.
Technical Assistance Coordinator for the Midwest PBIS Network

Nikole Y. Hollins-Sims, Ed.D.,is the senior educational consultant & strategist for Hollins-Sims Consultation. She formerly served as a technical assistance coordinator for the Midwest PBIS network and is a former Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education at the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Dr. Hollins-Sims has been awarded as a Moral and Courageous Leader for Education by Cabrini University in 2021, the 2021 American Psychology Association (APA) Anti-Racism School Psychology Emerging Professional Award and was named the 2021 Pennsylvania School Psychologist of the Year. One of her career highlights is serving as the lead author of the book titled: Creating Equitable Practices in PBIS.




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