Adaptive Leadership: Mobilizing for Sustainability in Your School Community

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Session overview

How do we approach achieving longevity of our school mental health initiatives? We face changing resources, complex challenges, and many moving parts. Adaptive leadership offers a strategic framework for how to think about the issues, generate solutions, and implement lasting change. In this first of two sessions, we will present core tenants and practices to guide your efforts for ongoing impact.


Intended Audience

This session is designed for local and state champions of school mental health initiatives.  It is ideal for those with a role in leading, influencing, and/or planning for the longevity of school mental health services through implementation of systems, policies, and programs. This is an opportunity to learn how to apply leadership strategies to sustainability efforts, including in collaboration with teams/partners.


Learning Objectives

Participants who join this session will be able to:

  1. Identify six core adaptive leadership tenants supporting longevity of school mental health initiatives.
  2. Practice positioning oneself to have critical perspective on leading complex change and adaptive challenges over time, including the experimental mindset.
  3. Navigate competing priorities in dynamic school mental health initiatives.
  4. Support leaders and staff when adaptive change requires loss during the sustainability phase.



speaker photo

Monica Caldwell, LCSW Monica leads and supports the innovative mental health programs at RISE Wisconsin in Madison. She is the former SEA Project Director of Wisconsin’s Project AWARE grant. With 35 years of experience in schools, mental health and child welfare, she remains passionate about high quality services and supports for youth and families living with mental health challenges. Monica believes that collaboration and collective care can change the trajectory of our children’s system of care.

May 17, 2022
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