Campus Mental Health: How do we Come Back to the New Normal?

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Campus Mental Health: Supporting College Students During a Pandemic

Session two: Campus Mental Health: How do we Come Back to the New Normal?

April 13, 2020
Presenters discussed what coming back to the “new normal” looks like for college students’ as they return to their respective campuses. It is anticipate that many students’ will have experienced some trauma, if not just the shock of being dispersed from campus to the actual trauma of personal or familial illness. This model is very akin to campus responsiveness post suicide or traumatic event (e.g. shootings) and presenters discussed how campuses can effectively support the return of students, providing both a place for recovery and education.


Session one: Changing the Conversation about Mental Health to Support College Students During a Pandemic

April 9, 2020
This session focused on the emergent pandemic and the impact it is having on college students’ mental health and wellbeing. As students are required to abruptly transition from a campus-based learning/teaching model to a technology-based teaching/learning model, the need for mental health support is even more important.


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