DSM-5 Diagnostic Best Practices; HHS Region 8

DSM-5 Diagnostic Best Practices - Workshop Wednesday Session

Sessions in the Workshop Wednesday series are designed to expand on training topics of key interest identified in the HHS Region 8 Mental Health Workforce Training Needs Assessment. Regular training and knowledge sharing can help support workforce development, expedite information transfer, and knowledge acquisition.


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Session Description

Dr. Andrew J. McLean, MD, MPH, provided a 90-minute session on best practices for rendering DSM-5 diagnoses in a variety of care environments. This session reviewed the importance of providing accurate DSM-5 diagnoses for maintaining continuity of care, discussed common practices for ensuring accurate DSM-5 diagnoses are rendered and examined barriers to providing accurate diagnoses in a variety of care environments.  


Session Objectives

  • Identify the primary elements in common DSM-5 diagnoses.
  • Understand necessary documentation standards to support a diagnosis.
  • Examine common barriers to providing accurate diagnoses.


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