Educator Burnout & Demoralization: How to Support Good Work in Difficult Times


With the demands on educators and school staff reaching all-time-highs, burnout and demoralization are very real concerns. Learn more about it with the information from this webinar.

Event Description

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This webinar enabled educators and school leaders to distinguish between burnout and demoralization. These distinctions are important in order to recognize the specific causes of teacher distress and to identify effective remedies. Drawing on her original research and the literature on educator wellbeing, Professor Santoro offered strategies individuals, communities, school leaders, and policy makers can utilize in supporting educators in their work. This training addressed the importance of mental health of educators. 


Doris Santoro, EdD, BA

Doris Santoro

Professor Santoro is a philosopher of education who conducts empirical research to study and theorize about the moral and ethical sources of teacher dissatisfaction and resistance. She is a teacher educator for pre-service and experienced practitioners, and examines how norms and values are communicated in professional communities. Professor Santoro is a Senior Associate Editor for the American Journal of Education.

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