Employing Treatment and Environmental Interventions to Support Rural Populations


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Series Description

Addressing Rural Co-Morbidities of Mental Health and Social Conditions


Individuals living in rural communities face unique challenges when attempting to access care for mental health concerns. The “three A’s” of rural treatment barriers often reference the difficulty of finding accessible, affordable, and acceptable care for persons in remote and rural settings. Co-morbid mental health and social conditions increase the complexity of treatment and make delivering evidence-based care challenging for mental health providers of all professions. This series will review practices that providers can utilize to support rural populations presenting with a variety of co-morbid conditions.


Part One: Employing Treatment and Environmental Interventions to Support Rural Populations

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Part Two: Supporting Rural Aging Populations

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Part Three: Using Faith Supports to Increase Mental Health in Rural Communities

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Ken Flanagan, PhD, LCSW

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