November GSVLI: Grieving in the COVID Era and Beyond

Original Broadcast Date: 11/12/20

The pandemic has highlighted the ways in which marginalized communities experience death and loss at much higher rates than white communities, and yet grief theory remains dominated by white and Protestant thought. In this session, participants will explore solution-based grief tools for marginalized communities, and present options for professionals and their clients to utilize in grief sensitivity and recovery. Particular attention is given to both low-tech grief rituals such as meals that center on honoring the dead, and high-tech solutions centered on, Michael Hebb’s recently launched website with hundreds of resources for all stages of dying, death and grief.

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Speaker Bios:


Michael Hebb headshotMichael Hebb: Michael Hebb is the founder of Death Over Dinner, a Partner at global wellbeing organization RoundGlass and the founder of Convivium, a creative agency that specializes in the ability to shift culture through the use of thoughtful food and discourse-based gatherings. Convivium has worked closely with thought/cultural leaders and many foundations/institutions (e.g., The World Economic Forum, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Apple, United Nations Foundation). His writings have appeared in popular magazines (e.g., GQ, Food and Wine, City Arts). Watch his TED Talk here: What happens when death is what’s for dinner?



Candi Cann headshotCandi Cann received her Ph.D. and A.M. from Harvard University following an M.A. from the University of Hawaii. She currently serves as an Associate Professor and Faculty of Residence at Baylor University. Her research focuses on death and dying, and the impact of remembering (and forgetting) in shaping how lives are recalled, remembered, and celebrated. Currently, she is researching diversity in death, examining the whitening of the funeral industry and death studies, and arguing that the field of death and grief has been heavily influenced by white and Protestant worldviews. Check out her website:, Academic CV and follow her on Twitter:@CandiCann.



This webinar was one of the sessions of November's Grief Sensitivity Virtual Learning Institute (GSVLI). For more information on how to access resources from September's and November's GSVLI, please click here.

December 2, 2020
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