On Demand: Eliminating Mental Health Stigma for Boys and Men of Color

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According to SAMHSA's 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 26% of African American adults experienced a mental health and/or substance misuse concern1. While these rates may be similar to those of the general population, disparities exist in regard to their access to high quality and culturally competent mental health care services. It is estimated that only one-in-three African Americans who need mental health care receives it.2 

An important step in reducing disparities and expanding access to care is to train educators and mental health professionals to understand the cultural and racial support that men of color need. Another is by leveraging relationships in the community, in particular barbers, to help de-stigmatize the conversation about mental health in a setting men may feel more comfortable talking. In this on-demand recording, Lorenzo Lewis shares about the important work of The Confess Project and their efforts to teach barbers how to be active listeners, how to validate clients' responses, and how to eliminate mental health stigma by using positive language.


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November 14, 2022
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