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About This Resource:

Youth participation in advising and decision-making in systems change initiatives bring unique and vital insight into our work. This session will explore what is needed to promote youth and young adult engagement in program development and implementation and key factors that can contribute to disengagement. There will be a focus on learning effective strategies for engaging and maximizing youth voice and choice in designing programs and systems that work for them, how to increase young people's active participation in collaborative team settings, and how to assess whether this is happening successfully. In partnership with young adults, we'll explore what authentic youth-adult partnerships look like and learn about tangible experiences of youth about what it means to be meaningfully engaged. 

Event Objectives:

  1. Review strategies for maximizing family leadership
  2. Identify challenges and discuss solutions to engaging family and youth leadership
  3. Describe real world examples of operationalizing youth-guided 
  4. Understand how to assess youth engagement efforts

Presentation Materials:

Download Youth Voice Session 2 PDF

Youth Voice Session 2 Participant Guide

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