Rising Practices for Telehealth Series (#1): Partnering and Listening to Youth/Students Who We Marginalize, Specifically in Their Telehealth

Original Date: 8/3/20


This is the first of two webinar sessions. (View Session Two Instead)

The Pacific Southwest MHTTC was pleased to partner with The Catalyst Center, with sponsorship from the California Department of Education and Wellness Together, to offer two webinar sessions to support the California school mental health workforce, school site leaders, and systems leaders. These sessions were presented by community-based and youth-centered organizations and agencies from whom we can learn to guide our telehealth approaches, practices, and policies. The aim of both sessions was to lift up rising practices: stories of resilience as providers innovate ways to help youth access behavioral health amidst a worldwide pandemic.

COVID-19 has forced us into conditions that challenge best practices for serving the mental health needs of youth we marginalize. The school behavioral and mental health workforce has the opportunity to learn from community-based service providers who have pivoted their models of care and engagement, implementing creative methods of virtual practice to ensure communities receive the care they direly need. Through these two sessions, we aimed to support California school mental health advocates, educators, administrators, and other school systems leaders in managing stress and trauma in their communities.

Each session highlights voices of experience from community-based organizations that have been innovative and student-centered in their response and resilience to this moment. Their learnings help us identify, adopt, and implement innovative, student-centered telehealth strategies for our students’ equitable mental health access.


Session 1: How might we partner with and listen to youth / students whom we marginalize, specifically in their telehealth experience during COVID-19?
Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2020
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Session 2: How might community-based organizations provide student support, and what can school systems learn from them, specifically related to COVID-19 telehealth?
Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2020


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