School Mental Health Wellness Wednesdays - Slides and Handouts

School Mental Health Wellness Wednesdays: Calming desk setup with laptop, coffee, and houseplant

To access Wellness Wednesdays presentation slides, handouts, and supplemental resources, please utilize the "View Resource" link above to browse by presentation date on Google Drive.


About Wellness Wednesdays

In times of uncertainty, there is one thing we do know: educators and school mental health leadership are resilient, creative, tenacious and need support to provide support. The context of our schools is changing, and the context of our work is changing. In times of uncertainty, unpredictability, and potentially overwhelming stress, now is the time to gather and resource one another as much as possible.

In collaboration with the Meaning Makers Collective, we’re pleased to offer School Mental Health Wellness Wednesdays. Each Wellness Wednesday is a 60-minute virtual session for the school mental health workforce to call in, connect, reflect, and support each other through this time period.

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