September GSVLI: Preparing the School Mental Health Workforce to be Ready for Stress and Loss

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The current school landscape is experiencing overwhelming psychosocial needs of students, caregivers who are uncertain how to support youth, and school systems struggling to develop a responsive plan. COVID-19 has only served to exacerbate symptoms of trauma, grief, and loss. In fact, COVID has created an environment in which there are “pre-conditions” to trauma. This session will provide an overview for school mental health professionals on how they can leverage their own resources to support students, families, and communities during these trying times. Inspired by two theoretical frameworks, the Ecobiodevelopmental and the Attachment Regulation and Competency (ARC) models, the session will promote a strengths based approach recognizing the neurobiological impact of stress on the brain, its impact on learning, and its influence on future outcomes. Discussions will revolve around effective communication and psychoeducation strategies to enhance students’ distress tolerance, support caregivers, and empower school personnel to develop creative support solutions.



  • Lisa Wobbe-Veit, University of Southern California
  • Kerry Doyle, University of Southern California


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