Weathering the Storm: Adaptive Leadership for Resilient Mental Health Organizations: Part 3: After the Storm

Original Broadcast Date: 12/15/20

Weathering the Storm: Adaptive Leadership for Resilient Mental Health Organizations in the Pacific Southwest
Innovative Leadership Strategies for Mental Health Professionals

Leading mental health organizations, programs, and initiatives can prove challenging in the best of times. Meeting the needs of clients in the diverse Pacific Southwest while effectively navigating the field’s evolving best practices, policies, and funding requires innovative, resilient, and adaptable leadership at all levels. COVID-19’s impact on both our personal and professional lives exacerbates the need for these skills.  

The Adaptive Leadership Framework facilitates evolution and growth in response to change and challenge. Join us as we explore the principles of Adaptive Leadership and how you can apply the framework to lead more effectively. 


Learning Objectives

During this three-part series, participants will:

  • Learn the principles of Adaptive Leadership and how to implement them in mental health work.
  • Identify strategies for engaging others to initiate, make, and sustain change.
  • Apply Adaptive Leadership principles to “weather the storm,” lead effectively, and prioritize well-being during challenging times.


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Leading in the mental health system requires us to navigate continuously changing and evolving regulations and mandates. Leaders need to review, prioritize, and sunset certain projects or initiatives while initiating others. This environment proves particularly challenging when the needs of communities in the Pacific Southwest region are varied and shifting. This session will cover how adaptive leaders in mental health can effectively manage change and address multiple competing needs. 

Watch Part 1: Before the Storm or Part 2: During the Storm from this series.

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