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Integrated behavioral health and primary care is the Mid-America MHTTC's area of focus. Our trainers draw upon decades of combined experience working in integrated care settings, as well as firsthand knowledge of how many children, adults and families face limited access to behavioral health services, especially in rural and underserved inner-city areas. Our program disseminates training on the cutting edge of the broader national movement towards the integration of behavioral health into primary care medical practices, creating a “medical home” for patients in which their physical and behavioral health needs can be collaboratively addressed. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our services.

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The Team


Program Director

Holly Roberts, PhD, LP



Christian Klepper, PsyD, LP

Brittany Liebsack, PhD

Angie Schindler-Berg, LMHP

Hannah West, MS, PLMHP


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If you have any questions about our integrated care services, please email [email protected].