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A photo of the front cover of the Pediatric Integrated Primary Care manual
Pediatric Integrated Primary Care: An Implementation and Training Manual for Professionals
June 19, 2023



  • Introduction and Acknowledgments
  • Introduction to Integrated Primary Care
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Developing an Integrated Primary Care Clinic
  • Supportive Data Collection for Integrated Primary Care
  • Business Models of Integrated Primary Care
  • Integrated Primary Care—Implementation and Operations
  • Characteristics and Competencies of Successful Behavioral Health Providers in Integrated Primary Care
  • Developing Relationships in Integrated Primary Care
  • Screening for Behavioral Health Concerns in Primary Care
  • Diagnostic, Billing, and Insurance Considerations
  • The Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Working in the Medical Clinic—Terminology
  • The Role of the Integrated BH Clinician in Primary Care Medication Management
  • References 




Joseph Evans, PhD, Holly Roberts, PhD, Rachel Valleley, PhD, Brandy Clarke, PhD


Editing Contributors:

Christian Klepper, PsyD, Kristen Johnson, PhD, Bob Mathews, MD, Terri Mathews, PhD, APRN, Heather Agazzi, PhD, Laura Holly, BS



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