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Roundtable 2 - Citizenship, Social Justice, and Empowerment: Living Outside Mental Illness

2:00pm - October 28, 2020 | Timezone: US/Eastern
New England MHTTC
Registration Deadline: October 28, 2020
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RoundTable 2: The Citizenship Framework and Community Building | Oct. 28 at 2PM EST

This session will feature a conversation with peer support professionals and community activists about the essential role that community building and active citizenship can play in recovery. Three panelists are members of the Focus Act Connect Every-day (FACE) group, which will be discussed as a model for building networks and making community-level change outside of the mental health system.

RoundTable 3: The Essential Role of Peer Support in Citizenship Work | Nov. 5 at 2PM EST

This session will feature a conversation about peer support and its role in supporting people in living a full life in their community outside of the mental health system. The facilitator will lead a conversation with other leaders in the peer support movement, peer support practitioners, and other people in recovery focused on the unique role of peer support in community-based citizenship work, including examples from the experiences of panelists.

RoundTable 4: Advocacy and the Citizenship Framework | Nov. 17 at 2PM EST

This session will feature a conversation about advocating for changes in the societal conditions and oppressive structures that impact mental health, which is a cornerstone of the citizenship framework. The panel will feature community activists and people in recovery sharing their own experiences with advocating for change through collective efforts, and what impact that work outside the system has had on their lives and recovery journeys.