Marginalized Youth and Collegiate Mental Health

group of black female students

Let’s Talk About Resilience

Our Let’s Talk About Resilience series engages young people with lived experience and providers in conversations about recognizing and supporting the resilience of youth and young adults. 

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BIPOC Community College Mental Health

The New England MHTTC has hosted 2 convenings in February and May of 2021 in efforts to support BIPOC community college students through summer & beyond. Many community college students juggle competing work and family demands, and as many as half experience mental health conditions. At the same time, community colleges often have fewer resources than four-year institutions to support student wellbeing. According to the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice’s #Real College 2021: Basic Needs Insecurity During the Ongoing Pandemic report, growing numbers of students are living without adequate food or stable housing. Rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidality – particularly amongst BIPOC students – are also increasing. The Steve Fund’s Adapting and Innovating to Promote Mental Health and Emotional Well-being of Young People of Color: COVID-19 and Beyond report documents these and other challenges facing BIPOC students this year, including enormous stress related to COVID, racism, and social unrest. 

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