New England School Mental Health Initiative

Our Program: Working Together to Address and Reduce Trauma

Educators are often the first line of support in addressing mental health needs for students. They recognize the impact mental health has on learning and achievement.

Supporting Teacher-Student Success

Through our School Mental Health Initiative, public and private K-12 schools in New England gain access to evidence-based mental health resources to enhance school culture and prepare the school mental health workforce to extend trauma-skilled practices. Our efforts are designed to help schools cultivate compassionate school communities that buffer against the negative effects of trauma, build resilience for all students, and provide stress-relief and enhanced well-being for teachers and other school personnel, as well as students.

Free Training for Educators to Support Student Mental Health in the Classroom

Free Well-Being Training for Educators

Classroom WISE is a FREE 3-part training package that assists K-12 educators and school staff in supporting the mental health of students in the classroom. Developed by the Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network in partnership with the National Center for School Mental Health, this package offers evidence-based strategies and skills to engage and support students experiencing adversity and distress.

In addition to a free online course on mental health literacy for educators and school staff, a video library and resource collection are also available!

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Mental Health Matters Series

Access Our "Mental Health Matters" Infographic Series!

Learn key facts and statistics about the mental health experiences of diverse populations and offer strategies that promote recovery and resilience through compassionate school practices.

Remember, schools are often community hubs and all schools can support children holistically. Support our work to ensure that wraparound mental health services are as easy to access in schools as pencils and highlighters.

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