Mental Health & Recovery Podcast Episodes

Changing the Conversation podcast

We partnered with the "Changing the Conversation" podcast hosted by C4 Innovations to produce episodes related to important mental health and recovery topics. Listen today!



  • Belonging in the Workplace: Ronitia Hodges and Ashley Stewart discuss the importance and benefits of fostering an authentic and inclusive environment in the workplace (23:13 minutes)


  • Engaging Native Youth: Cedric Woods shares strategies for reaching and engaging Native youth with host Ashley Stewart (23:06 minutes)







  • Surviving Systems through Human Connection: Vesper Moore and Tracy Puglisi share perspectives on surviving systems and how systems can be re-built to prioritize human connection and community with host Katie Volk (24:03 minutes)





  • Staying Connected During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Carlton Whitmore and Keris Myrick discuss engaging and supporting communities disproportionately impacted during COVID-19 by maintaining social connections while physically distancing with host Katie Volk (23:42 minutes)






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