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How Implicit Bias Affects Our Work: Engagement with Communities
September 10, 2020

Original Webinar Date: 8/27/20

We all have implicit biases, and it’s important that we become mindful of how they can show up and impact our work with others. Implicit biases can lead to unfair differences in the expectations we hold for those we serve, how we interact with them, and the learning opportunities we provide.

In this recording of Part 4 in this series, we explore the dynamics of implicit bias and its impact on decision-making in behavioral health spaces. In the process, we grapple with the concepts of prejudice, bias, microaggressions, and stereotypes. Presented by Pacific Southwest MHTTC team members Dr. Rachele Espiritu, Kaitlin E. Ferrick, JD, and Dr. Suganya Sockalingam.


Part 4 of this recorded series will challenge you to:

  • Reflect on your own implicit bias
  • Recognize the role bias plays in responding to mental health concerns and in client interactions
  • Learn ways to become self-aware of personal biases
  • Acknowledge the way bias shows up in our organizational culture, climate, policies, and practices
  • Examine strategies to disrupt the biases that show up in our work