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Virtual Learning Guide Study Session 2: Facilitation Practice
Collaborating TTC: Pacific Southwest MHTTC
May 15, 2020

Original Webinar Date: 04/17/2020

The Pacific Southwest MHTTC released a Virtual Learning Guide that includes tips, examples, and reflective questions for those leading online professional development and other group learning events.

In response to requests from the field, two study sessions were offered to explore the guide’s content together. Each session covers different sections of the guide.

In this session, Virtual Learning Guide Study Session 2: Facilitation Practice, we'll cover Content Guidance for Content Creators, including leading trauma-informed virtual learning events; Facilitation Guidance, including support for optimal facilitator/presenter experience; and Learning Guidance: Priming the participant for an effective learning experience.

Click here to access the Virtual Learning Guide Study Session 1: Technology Practice.