Culturally Responsive Care Resources


Providing culturally responsive care (CRC) requires the provider to:


  • Practice cultural humility

Resource: Cultural Humility: Where Being Human Matters in Serving Others


Some specific examples include working with patients who identify as:


Resource: Browning Counseling: Working with Latinx Clients


Resource: Addressing Our Bias when Working with the LGBTQ+ Community


Resource: Working with Transgender Patients in Integrated Care


  • Understand personal bias and use person-centered language

Resource: Implicit Bias and Racial Sensitivity in Treatment


  • Learn and foster an appreciation for groups different from their own

Resource: Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Care for Early Psychosis


  • Engage in lifelong learning

Resource: Package of Resources for: Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating the Integration of Cultural and Linguistic Competence into Mental Health Service Delivery


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