Person-Centered Recovery Planning Consultation Corner: Promises and Pitfalls-Designing Planning Templates & Electronic Health Records to Support PCRP (Session 4)


The Person-Centered Recovery Planning (PCRP) Consultation Corner is a 6-month learning series featuring a monthly webinar on the “FAQs” of PCRP; offering practical tools and resources to support quality PCRP at the level of both individual service delivery and organizational systems change; and providing follow-up “office hours” through smaller-group technical assistance for webinar participants who wish to take a “deeper dive” on a given topic.

The topic for webinar session 4 is "Promises and Pitfalls-Designing Planning Templates & Electronic Health Records to Support PCRP."

The design of planning templates and electronic health records can present as a major obstacle to the quality implementation of Person-Centered Recovery Planning. Traditional designs are frequently dominated by problems, pathology, and complex workflows that focus more on the support of billing and compliance rather than on the support of the person and their recovery and life goals. In contrast, a thoughtfully designed EHR can facilitate person-centered practice by increasing the focus on key recovery concepts, facilitating dialogue between providers and persons served, and generating the co-creation of meaningful plans to help shape the person’s recovery. By elucidating common design pitfalls and identifying promising design practices, this webinar will offer practical guidance to mental health systems so they can move toward the development of EHRs that facilitate, rather than hinder, the uptake of Person-Centered Recovery Planning.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to

  1. Identify at least 2 key questions to consider in the process of selecting an EHR vendor.
  2. Describe at least 3 EHR design strategies to maximize a recovery-oriented approach in Person-Centered Recovery Planning.
  3. Describe at least 2 implementation strategies to support the quality uptake of newly designed EHR recovery planning platforms.


While the Consultation Corner’s webinar series is open to a national audience, priority for technical assistance office hours following this webinar session on July 10 will be given to webinar participants from the New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire) and South Southwest (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas) regions.


Presenters: Janis Tondora and Dan Wartenberg

Janis Tondora, Psy.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine.  Her work involves supporting the implementation of person-centered practices that help people with behavioral health concerns and other disabilities to get more control over decisions about their services so they can live a good life as they define it. She has provided training and consultation to over 25 states seeking to implement Person-Centered Recovery Planning and has shared her work with the field in dozens of publications, including her 2014 book, Partnering for Recovery in Mental Health: A Practical Guide to Person-Centered Planning. Janis’ consultation and publications have been widely used by both public and private service systems to advance the implementation of recovery-oriented practices in the U.S. and abroad. She is a life-long resident of Connecticut where she lives with her husband and beloved labradoodles after recently becoming an empty-nester with two children in college.


This series is co-sponsored by the New England and South Southwest MHTTCs. More information about the series.


Continuing Education Units for this event are offered by the Office of Professional Development, Steve Hicks School of Social Work, The University of Texas at Austin:

· Social Work

· Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

· Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)


Continuing Education Units for this event are offered by the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health/South Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, The University of Texas at Austin as recognized by the Texas Certification Board:

· Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS)

· Recovery Support Peer Specialist (RSPS)

· Re-Entry Peer Specialist (JI-RPS)

· Peer Specialist Supervisor (PSS)

· Certified Family Partner (CFP)


These entities are recognized as providers of continuing education credits, however, attendees are responsible for checking with their licensing or credentialing board to ensure acceptance of the CEUs issued. If you have questions about CEUs for a credential that you do not see listed here, contact [email protected].



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