Childhood - Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC)

The Yale University Childhood – Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC) is conducted as part of the Yale Mental Health Technology Transfer Center. The collaborative is designed to help elementary and middle schools address the needs of students who have experienced/are at risk of experiencing significant trauma. School and/or organizational participants will be recruited from each of the six states that are a part of the Region 1 grouping for C-TLC activities: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The program will help schools identify training and technical assistance needs to aid with the prevention and recovery of mental illness and other trauma. Over the course of the project, schools will be given opportunities to participate in webinars and use resources and materials made available through the C-TLC. School participants will also use the School Compassionate Culture Analytic Tool for Educators (S-CCATE) – an online assessment developed by the nonprofit Center for Educational Improvement – to plan for, implement, and interpret results of social emotional learning interventions that enhance the culture of compassion in school communities.

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Announcing Our New Fellows! 

We are pleased to announce that 23 Fellows have been selected to support the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC). The C-TLC Fellows Program, under the auspices of the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH), builds upon the New England MHTTC’s work to help teachers, administrators, and other school staff vision, plan, and monitor implementation of compassionate practices that ameliorate the effects of trauma, amplify protective factors, and increase the availability of educated and nurturing adults and teachers within schools who can meet the mental health needs of students.

The Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative 2019 Fellows are a diverse group of educational leaders—including assistant superintendents, principals and assistant principals, school psychologists and counselors, social workers, and teachers—from each of the six states in the New England region. Below is a complete listing of our 2019 C-TLC Fellows. You can also download our press release



Caroline Blasco, School Psychologist
Bridgeport Public Schools

Susie Da Silva, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Curriculum and Instruction
Darien Public Schools

Erik Dey, Ed.D., Teacher
Westport Public Schools

Heather Pach, School Psychologist
Cheshire Public Schools



Joelle Brookner, Principal
Williamstown Elementary School

Lisa Parker, LICSW, School Social Worker
Cumberland Public Schools

Kathryn Retzel, Principal
Lee Elementary School

Alison Sumski, Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition Program Support Specialist
Methuen School District



Benjamin Brigham, Technology Integration Coach
Westbrook School District

Jaime Ela, Principal
Libby Tozier and Sabattus Primary School

Kristen Levesque, Ed.D., Principal
Maranacook Middle School



Stacy Bachelder-Giles, Principal
Broad Street Elementary School

Andrea Elliot, Principal
Bishop Brady High School

Jim O'Rourke, Principal
Hillsboro-Deering Cooperative School District

Jennifer Scarpati, Ph.D., Principal
Amherst Street Elementary School


Jacqueline Ash, Principal
Charles E. Shea High School


Kirsten Hanrahan, School Social Worker
Portsmouth School Department

Amy Mello Messenger, School Social Worker
Providence School District

Rachel Santa, Ed.D., Director of Special Services
B.F. Norton Elementary School


JoanAnn Cavallo, Principal
St. Albans City School and
Maple Run Unified School District

Erica McLaughlin, Principal
Randolph Elementary School

Pamela Reed, Associate Principal
Rutland City Public Schools

Ryan McKenney, Principal
Philip W. Suggs Middle School



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