Learning Collaboratives

The New England - MHTTC has learning collaboratives that give a chance for stakeholders from all of the New England states to get involved in our MHTTC. 


1. Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC):

For more information on C-TLC, please click here.


2. Early Psychosis Learning Collaborative (EPLC): 

The New England Early Psychosis Learning Collaborative (EPLC) is dedicated to using evidence-based means to disseminate evidence-based practices for working with people in the early stages of psychosis. The collaborative engages members through a number of initiatives including:

  • Webinars
  • Online discussion series
  • Consultation lines
  • Clinical briefs
  • In-person training opportunities
  • E-mail updates

The EPLC also surveys training and technical assistance (T/TA) needs, and encourages networking and facilitates discussion between programs and agencies across New England in order to disseminate knowledge of evidence-based practice for early psychosis

To sign up for this collaborative, please click here


3. Person-centered Recovery Planning Learning Collaborative (PCRP):

The PCRP is designed to promote mental health system transformation by helping organizations develop practices that support and expect recovery, and by promoting the voices of people with lived experience, youth, and family membersWe will offer interactive training and individualized technical assistance (TA) to support the implementation of PCRP practices.

To sign up for this collaborative, please click here


4. Suicide Prevention Learning Collaborative (SPLC):

We hosted an event on June 17th at Greenfield Community College in Greenfield, MA in order to bring together experts in this field and kick off this learning collaborative. More information on our learning collaborative coming soon.


5. Trauma-informed Care Learning Collaborative (TIC-LC): 

For more information on this, please email [email protected]


6. LET(s) Lead Academy Learning Collaborative (LETs Lead): 

The Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH) LET(s)Lead Academy is partnering with the New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (New England MHTTC) to offer its next academy to people in New England. The Lived Experience Transformational Leadership Academy—LET(s)Lead is an experiential learning leadership academy offered virtually. Our goal is to advance lived experience leadership across New England.

To learn more or sign up for this collaborative, please click here



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