FY 2023 Competitive School-Based Service Expansion

March 14, 2023

Health Center Program School-Based Service Expansion (SBSE) (HRSA-23-097) funding will expand access to primary health services, including mental health services, through Health Center Program award recipients’ service delivery sites located at or on the grounds of schools. HRSA will make $25 million available for approximately 70 awards.

Award recipients will use this funding to increase access to primary health care services, including mental health services, through new and/or existing school-based service site(s). If proposing a new school-based service site, the maximum federal funding is $350,000 per year. If proposing to expand services at existing school-based service site(s) only, the maximum federal funding is $250,000 per year.

Health Center Program operational (H80) grant award recipients are eligible to apply. Health centers must make mental health services available at all school-based service sites where they propose to use SBSE funding. Visit the FY 2023 SBSE technical assistance (TA) webpagefor more information on this opportunity.

FY 2023 SBSE applications are due in:


More Info: https://bphc.hrsa.gov/funding/funding-opportunities/school-based-service-expansion/fy-2023-sbse

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