Connections We Need: Supporting the Resiliency of Youth and Young Adults

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The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center is excited to partner with A Mindful State and support the statewide campaign.

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The "Connections We Need" session on April 16, 2021, served as a kick-off for a series of summer professional development opportunities led by youth that will help expanded learning opportunity programs and school staff, support them where they are, as they navigate the impacts from the pandemic, trauma, and interruption of their social emotional journey.

The event featured several speakers including 3 Washington students who shared not only the challenges they've experienced during the pandemic but ways they have been supporting one another and ways adults can support our youth during and after the global pandemic.

From participants:

  • "Today's event spurs me on to have important conversations and to create community bridges for better connections."
  • "I will share the recording with my staff so that they can hear from the young people and experience what a fully supportive interaction and embracing of social-emotional wellbeing looks and feels like."
  • "It's helpful to hear from the students what their concerns were, what has been helpful for coping, and what is still needed."

A Mindful State is a people-powered effort to provide help, offer hope and build resilience for all the people across Washington State — regardless of our beliefs, ethnicity, gender identity, political persuasion, sexual orientation, income-level or age.

This campaign is committed to the simple truth: We need each other.

Visit A Mindful State Website Here!

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