Desk Guide: A comprehensive response to socio-cultural trauma in children & families

Desk Guide: TraumaSocio-cultural trauma is a form of trauma that is not often talked about yet experienced daily by marginalized and oppressed people. The impact of toxic stress on people living with unresolved trauma has been observed to trigger a trauma response of either fight, flight, or freeze. In people of color (BIPOC), these responses have often been mislabeled as defiant rather than protective, oppositional rather than guarded, disinterested but more accurately assessed as emotionally numb. Among mental health providers, awareness of socio-cultural trauma is vital, and treatments must be based on a comprehensive, culturally responsive, trauma-informed approach for individuals, families, and children.

This guide was created with funding from the Great Lakes Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and is based on material presented by Patricia Parker and Dawn Shelton-Williams on May 18, 2021.

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