Integrating Cultural and Linguistic Competence: Leading From Where You Are

All health service systems are undergoing fundamental changes in order to embrace the diversity of populations in the U.S. today. Many health systems continue to grapple with the numerous challenges of implementing systemic change to respond effectively to the multiple needs of diverse cultural and linguistic groups. Organizations working together as part of a broader system often do not know where to start the work of integrating cultural and linguistic competence. To do this work, organizations first need to come to a common understanding of culture and cultural competence and adopt a systemic framework for its integration into services and supports.

This presentation provides a conceptual framework for cultural competence in health. Participants not only define and identify the framework and underlying principles of cultural competence, they begin to explore how these principles will influence their roles and functions.


  • Identify the components of a conceptual framework for cultural competence.
  • Differentiate characteristics of culturally competent organizations and systems.
  • Describe the implications for cultural competence in services and support systems.
  • Determine steps to provide leadership in becoming more culturally and linguistically competent.



  • Policy makers
  • Mental health leaders
  • Service providers
  • Human resource officers
  • Community partners
  • Mental health advocates


Title slide for Integrating Cultural and Linguistic Competence webinar


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