Intersectionality and Interrupted Learning: The Impact of Adversity and Trauma on Academic Achievement for Latinx Youth

Disparities in academic achievement for Latinx youth and the trajectories may be influenced by adversity and trauma experiences that impact mental health. This presentation will include an overview of theories, practice, and research with children, adolescents, and families, and will focus on intersectional factors for minoritized Latinx youth and families that exacerbate trauma-related symptoms that are too often untreated and misinterpreted as misbehaviors and/or temporary and chronic maladjustment. Using the Garcia Coll et al. (1996) Integrative Model, these factors will be discussed as situated in an ecological framework, comprised of promoting and inhibiting environments, with consideration of internal and external/environmental influences that can have direct and indirect effects on academic outcomes. 

Learning Objectives:
• Discuss the educational disparities for Latinx youth and the social determinants of these disparities.
• Discuss the impact of adversity and trauma on cognitive and psychological processes that interfere with learning and achievement.
• Discuss intersecting identity and positionality of Latinx youth that may be affected by a systemic bias that disadvantages opportunities for educational supports and increases the risk of disproportionality.

March 15, 2022
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