Navigating Risk of Suicide in the Context of Substance Misuse: Best Practices for Supporting Youth and Young Adults

Co-hosted by the Pacific Southwest Prevention and Mental Health Technology Transfer Centers (TTCs).

Original Webinar Date: 05/14/2020

Substance misuse and its relationship to suicide among youth and young adults continues to be of concern to public health practitioners. This recorded panel discussion highlights real world intersections of substance misuse prevention and mental health best practices to reduce risk of suicide among youth and young adults. Panelists offer expertise and perspective on how to impact populations who are at risk for substance misuse and suicide. This recorded session examines shared risk and protective factors for vulnerable populations, outlines college campus programs for behavioral health, and explores a state systems approach to advancing the capacity of the mental and behavioral health workforce to prevent substance misuse and suicide risk. The discussion focuses on effectively supporting youth and young adult populations.


Viewers will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities to effectively link mental and behavioral health supports to prevent and respond to risks of substance misuse and suicide.
  • Identify prevention programs that integrate knowledge, skill, and abilities to benefit vulnerable youth and young adults.
  • Locate real world examples of successful practices, programs, and policies for reducing youth and young adults’ risk of substance misuse and suicide.
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