Short-Term Success with Long-Term Impact: Using Focused-Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (FACT) to Improve Patient Engagement

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Event Description

This online webinar offers a focused exploration into implementing Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT) within settings necessitating brief, effective interventions (e.g., Integrated Behavioral Health positions). This 60-minute session, split between didactic learning and hands-on practice, is designed for clinicians seeking effective, short-term therapeutic strategies that encourage long-term patient engagement. Learn the fundamentals of FACT, its application in IBH or similar settings for addressing a wide range of issues quickly and effectively, and techniques to boost patient retention and follow-up. Ideal for mental health professionals in fast-paced settings, this webinar will equip you with the skills to make a lasting impact in brief clinical encounters.   
This training is in response to questions we received from participants at our April training,  
Rural Resilience:  Bridging Mental Health Support for Men in the Heartland 


Andrew Jordan Thayer, PhD, LP 

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