Strengthening School Communities for a Safe, Supportive Return: Part 2

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Throughout the variety of in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning occurring throughout the Southeast and the United States this school year, schools and districts are working hard to promote resilience, mental health and wellbeing for their communities as a foundation to academic success. This Virtual Learning Session is designed to support school and district leaders, educators, student support personnel and other professionals to promote safe, supporting learning environments during these transitions. This session follows a Listening and Learning Session that occurred on May 10th, and will include strategies and address questions raised during that session. We will feature practical, cost-free, evidence-informed strategies being put into place right now in the Southeast and nationwide to support student and staff wellbeing during this complex and dynamic time.


  1. Increase understanding of strategies and best practices for school systems to promote student resilience, wellbeing and success following COVID-related school closures.
  2. Increase understanding of strategies and best practices for school systems to promote staff resilience, wellbeing and success following COVID-related school closures.
  3. Promote cross-state networking and shared learning about best practices, successes and challenges of supporting student and staff resilience and wellbeing during learning modality transitions.
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