The Parallel Process: Trauma-Informed Considerations for Individuals and Organizations

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Trauma-informed care is a belief system that can be adopted by ourselves and our community partners which empowers every member involved to thrive. Becoming trauma informed is oftentimes a non-linear process that consists of four distinct phases and uses six guiding principles. In this webinar we will explore those phases and principles, how they relate to the parallel process, and why trauma-informed care is imperative to our peers, our organizations, our community partners, and ourselves.

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Kristin Griffey headshotKristin Griffey, PSS, PWS, CRM

Kristin Griffey, PSS, PWS, CRM is a trauma-informed care specialist as well as a community and workplace traumatologist and compassion fatigue specialist. Empowering others in the wake of trauma and/or severe life stressors is one of Kristin's greatest joys. A mother, a friend, and a fierce advocate, Kristin roots her lived experience in Portland, Oregon. She believes deeply in trauma-informed care and providing space for those who may be struggling with compassion fatigue.

March 20, 2020
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