Webinar: Suicide Prevention in Latino and Indigenous Populations


Suicide prevention is an area of our work that is difficult to sustain a long-term commitment to. The emotional work takes a toll, and we must seek self-care regularly. Prevention strategies for Latinx and Indigenous populations are not singular nor is there one approach for all individuals or communities. Understanding the importance of cultural elements and the need to adapt any prevention strategies in order to be most effective is a primary task. Providers, community leaders, and parents must work together to uncover the reasons behind young people and adults reporting feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and despair. Visionaries and leaders must activate hope and compassion for those who seek a new approach to life’s problems. This session will explore strategies to encourage new approaches to prevention and treatment.

Learning objectives:

1. Identify and discuss the current trends in data specific to hopelessness, feeling sad, and suicidal ideation among Latinx and Indigenous populations while considering suicidal behaviors beginning in adolescence.

2. Identify and discuss the intersections of racism and discrimination as they relate to suicide among Latinx and Indigenous populations.

3. Provide examples and resources for prevention strategies that have shown to be effective with Latinx and Indigenous populations.

May 10, 2021
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