Workforce Wellness Series Part II: Schoolwide Wellness: Staff, Partners, & Families

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Are you feeling supported at work? Is there synergy amongst your staff? Is your school on the same page with your community partners and parents? With the importance of focusing on our students’ success, it’s easy to put off attending to ourselves and our colleagues. In this session, we review practical recommendations and resources that put a campus culture of resilience within reach. Creating a climate of respect and compassion and sustaining a culture that values adults as allies in the shared mission of the school does not have to be an after-thought. Together, we will identify practices that are practical, accessible, and impactful for your school community’s well-being.  This is part of a learning series intended to help you reset and restore your own sense of wellness, and to help inform the way districts and schools promote cultures of care that benefit staff and partners.

This session is for school and district staff including administrators, coordinators, school mental health and health staff, community partners, and other champions of staff well-being – with a role in influencing the engagement of staff, school community partners, and students' families.
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