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Racial Equity & Advancing Cultural Humility


The New England MHTTC is a culturally responsive organization committed to advancing health equity so that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Our specific outreach to individuals and communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) is an extension of our strategic response to the collective trauma of systemic racism and a proactive effort to amplify the voices and perspectives of people with lived experience to ensure equitable outcomes for all individuals and communities.


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The goal of our BIPOC Strategic Outreach initiative is to strengthen the New England MHTTC’s efforts to engage and serve communities of color in a consistent and practical way. Through this effort, we are gathering and distilling the needs and perspectives of diverse individuals and communities in the New England region; Incorporating that feedback as we develop and deliver training, technical assistance, and information and education campaigns.

Features of our BIPOC Strategic Outreach Process, include:

  • A landscape scan to ensure an active directory of organizations in the recovery oriented practice space with specific initiatives supporting individuals and communities of color.
  • Ongoing outreach to develop and expand our engagements with individuals and communities of color.
  • Development of a Racial Equity and Advancing Cultural Humility (REACH) for Organizational Change Learning Collaborative.


Our collective efforts to ensure increased numbers of and engagements with diverse individuals and communities support the development and implementation of culturally responsive and humble practices in the New England region. Through this proactive and positive approach, we are addressing the multiple levels of cultural responsiveness needed for optimal behavioral health treatment, recovery, and care at the service delivery, provider, organizational, systemic, and treatment philosophy levels.

For more information on the New England MHTTC’s BIPOC Strategic Outreach Initiative, contact our Communications and Program Associate Ingrid Padgett at